Brevard Zoo

As a kid growing up in central Florida we would visit the Brevard Zoo often. It has been years since I have been back in Florida so I took the opportunity to take a trip over to the coast and check out the zoo.

Traveling right now is a little difficult. We took our normal precautions like wearing masks and purchasing tickets online. The zoo has done a wonderful job at enforcing rules about masks and social distancing. There are staff everywhere cleaning and making sure everyone is following the new policies.

The zoo is located in Melbourne Florida which is almost an hour from Orlando. Melbourne Florida has a lot to offer also so make sure to explore a little. I will be following up with more information on what I think are some great things to do down there.

The zoo is a decent size for being in the middle of a busy area and with a lot of extra activities to make a full day out of it.

In addition to the normal zoo enclosures there are two areas for kayaking. One area is the Florida swamp and the other is around the African area of the zoo. There is a zip line course that goes above the zoo, it looked really cool but I didn’t do it this time. You can feed giraffes, there was a line so I passed on this.

The train in the park is closed due to covid-19. All tickets must be purchased and you have to pick a time slot. There are some other activities that are closed like keeper chats and the playground area. Florida is opening up more so I see these changing soon.

There are a lot of animals to see which on our day all were very active. The enclosures are of larger size than other zoo’s we have been before. One area that I found to be amazing was the kangaroo area. You get to walk into the enclosure with kangaroos and wallabies. There was staff members to point out where they were hiding and also answer any questions about the animals.

I would highly recommend taking the family over to the zoo and checking it out. I would say the average time it takes to get through the zoo would be 3-5 hours depending on if you kayak and do all the extra actives. It is Florida so make sure to watch the weather for how hot it will be and also make sure there is no rain. We went first thing in the morning since it does get hotter during the mid day. The zoo however is fairly covered by the trees but again it is Florida so its hot no matter.

Tips for the Zoo

  • As of right now you must book your time slot online and arrive at that time.
  • Masks or facial coverings must be worn but there are areas for removing.
  • The water fountains are closed so they allow 1 water bottle and have refillable water bottle stations in the zoo.
  • Some areas like the petting zoo have a limited capacity.
  • When we went one of the kayak areas was closed so be prepared for that.
  • Keeper chats are cancelled as of now.

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