Museum Of Appalachia


I love a good history museum and the Museum of Appalachia was amazing. When you first pull in the drive you are greeted with old buildings and goats. There is plenty of parking so do not worry. The ground is beautiful with peacocks and chickens roaming freely. The staff was very welcoming when we went into the store to pay for the admission. The price ranges from $18-$6 with different discounts in the middle like senior and military. A map of the area is provided along with descriptions of the buildings.



There are over 30 buildings and a few large buildings with thousands of artifacts in them. Unfortunately, due to time constraints we were limited on what we could read and take in. We spent a little over 2 hours walking around and could have easily been there for another 2 hours and had lunch at their on property restaurant.

It was really interesting to see the history and all the items the owner had gathered over the year. Each item is labeled of its use and how the owner actually got the item. There were items of weapons, kids toys, tools, items they traded to and with the Indians of the land.

The museum is a quick drive from Knoxville it was only 15 minutes from our hotel in north Knoxville. I would highly recommend going and checking it out. Just remember during the summer it does get hot and the buildings are mostly viewed from the outside so you will be in the elements most of the day. They do have a store to purchase to purchase gifts and enjoy lunch at the restaurant.



They also have events like live music so make sure to check their website for upcoming events. They offer weddings services which I personally think would be a beautiful setting.


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