Getting around Baltimore.

Transportation when traveling is a key component to make sure your vacation goes smooth. Usually, we have our vehicle but for this trip, we choose to fly. Once we landed in Baltimore we looked up on google maps how to get to our hotel. The first suggestion was to take the train which was located near the baggage claim. There are vending machines or you can download the app to purchase tickets. One way ticket was only $1.80 each person. The train was almost empty with no more than 5 other passengers. The train was pretty comfortable and smooth for the ride and very clean.


Once we arrived downtown we looked again on google maps for which bus or maybe walk to the hotel. The app suggested taking the city circulator which was a free bus. The website for the circulator states the bus comes every 10 minutes but DO NOT rely on that. Sometimes it was 20-30 minutes later than the stated time. The bus took us to the corner of our hotel which was great to know the stop was right there.

We opted to take the city circulator for most of our trip since it was free and takes you to or near most major attractions. There are five routes for you to ride. We mostly stuck to the purple route and orange route. We attempted the green route but on Sunday that route did not run even though google maps stated it did.


The most expensive mode of transportation we took was Lyft. I usually would not take Lyft as the price is a little hefty but I had a huge discount were most rides were less than $4. There are plenty of drivers just be prepared the drivers here always had their personal items in the front seats or the truck full. It was really odd for me especially since I also drive for Lyft and never keep anything in the car. Luckily it was only two of us on this trip and not the four passengers cars should take.


The last way that we got around town was by walking. Luckily we picked a hotel that was very central to major attractions. We were near major bus stops, the light rail, and other forms of public transportation. We were able to walk to the bay area where there were plenty of restaurants and attractions like the National Aquarium.


Another way that we did not get a chance to take was the ferry. The Baltimore Water Taxi goes all around the bay near most major tourist attractions. The good thing about the taxi is it’s Free. You can hop on at multiple locations like Fell’s Point or Maritime Park and cross the river. This saves your feet from walking and can get you some nice views of the skyline.


A new way of transportation is sweeping across the world. Electric scooters for rent. Companies like Lime and Bird are the biggest names with smaller ones in just a few cities. The cost is $1 to start and $.15 per minute. Most people who take the scooters are only going a few blocks so it’s extremely inexpensive. The scooters actually are really fun and rode them all the time in Austin Texas. All you need to do is download their app and you just have to scan and go everything is on the app.

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