Austin Food Truck Festival

This past weekend there was the first ATX food truck festival. This was a charity event and the first of a monthly event. Austin is a big foodie city with food trucks and fine dining all over the city. Food trucks can be found just about anywhere you go with a wide range of foods from taco trucks to even sushi trucks and everything in between.
This event was at the Barton Creek Mall which I found to be a great spot since there’s plenty of parking and its free parking. Prices for admission into the even were a little on the steep side. We found a discount on for $18 for 2 adult VIP tickets. The VIP tickets allowed an hour early access and discounts at the alcohol vendors which was $5 for any drink. Prices for a lot of the trucks were pretty pricey also with the average item being around $10.
When we first arrived there, the line was already long. The staff was a little behind and unprepared so they let the VIP ticket holders in a few minutes late. Some trucks were not initially set up and running. There were about 10-15 trucks and vendors. We would have liked to see a little more since the entry price was so high.
I love Filipino food so of course, I had to get lumpia while I was there. I was a little disappointed though with these. We paid $5 for 3 and it was mostly fillers i.e. carrots, water chestnuts and such. The pork was a mushy texture leaving me to question if they were actually pork.
The next item we got was pulled pork nachos from RWB chow bus. This was a Patriotic food truck. I’m assuming the owners were veterans since they gave a military discount. The pork and BBQ sauce was amazing.
I am from Florida so to find a Cuban sandwich is hard enough but to find one that’s actually done right and taste good is a miracle in itself. It also came with greek potato salad. I don’t really like potato salad so I didn’t eat it. The bread was toasted perfectly and there was no shortage of meat and toppings.
To end the day, of course, we ate ice cream from cold stone. They didn’t have the full-service operations like their actual stores so some customers were a little disappointed. We had their chocolate mixture that I forgot the name. I am not the biggest fan of chocolate but this was a great mix and was a great way to finish off the day.
There were some mishaps with the event like the bathrooms not showing up which could make for a bad time if it was in an area other than the mall parking lot. We felt that the area that was blocked off was a little small for the event. We also felt there were not enough seating areas and some of the game table areas were actually being used as table tops.
It was a good time and I would recommend everyone in the city while it’s going on to go check it out. It’s a great way to spend a day with friends, family, and the community. This will be a monthly event so go check out their facebook page ATX Food truck festival.
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