Spicewood Vineyards

After living in Napa Valley I fell in love with Vineyards. I, unfortunately, have not had a chance to visit any here in Texas, but all of that is about to change. Today we went out to Spicewood Texas. Anytime we go somewhere I want to do a few activities while there so I get the most out of my day.
I have been wanting to try some good Texas wines and so I decided to use today’s trip just for that. Spicewood is about a 45-minute drive from Austin and there’s really no traffic that you need to worry about. Spicewood is a small town with a lot to offer from vineyards and distilleries to natural springs and amazing food.
We decided to check out Spicewood Vineyards and see what they had to offer. The location was easy to find although parking was a little off as nothing was really marked on where to park or what building was the actual entrance. When you drive into the property there is a parking lot on your left and right that is where you want to park. The main entrance building is located by those parking lots. There is another parking lot just a few yards away from those that you can also park in. Their fields were amazing and the entire property was well maintained.
We wanted to take a tour and see the property. Unfortunately, you have to make a reservation so someone else can do the tour as there is only one person in the tasting room. So we decided to stay just for the tasting room and try some of their wine. I’m more of a fan of sweet wines which I knew they did not have since I looked on their site. The wine tasting consists of trying 7 different wines. They were mainly reds which were fine with me. The cost was $10 and the employee let us share a glass which was great since my girlfriend does not like wine so much. You also get to keep the glass you use which is nice, not many places have monogrammed wine glasses.

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