Congo River Mini Golf

What I like about mini golf is its an activity for all ages. I haven’t been to a course in about 3 years when I was in Austin. Congo River has a few locations and the one in Altamonte Springs is just a few minutes from my house. I’m going to assume this one would be better since the other is located in the more touristy area along International Drive.

We went around 8pm and it took around two hours for the four of us to complete the course. The staff was very welcoming and gave a little run down of their baby gator pit. Besides the course, you can hold and feed the gators, play arcades games, and play laser tag. The one thing I did wish they had was a cafe or possibly partnering with a food truck.

If you keep track of the score and find all the treasures you get a chance to earn a discount like a free game or discount on hold gators. It was a neat add on to the normal game of mini golf. Also along the course, there is a wheel to spin at a few courses. When you spin it a task is given to you like using the club upside down or moving someone else’s ball around.

Congo River is a large course and actually has some nice views as the course goes up high giving a nice clear shot of the city. If you are looking for a nice night out with the family I would highly recommend checking out the course.

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