Krause Springs in Central Texas

Summer is here and there was really no time to prepare. With summer comes hot days and we need places to cool off. In Texas especially around the Austin area, we have plenty of swimming holes. This was my first time going to Krause Springs in Spicewood Texas. I had heard about it and how amazing it was. When summer hits places like this get crowded quickly. So we decided to go early when it first opens. We were right it was empty with only one or two families there. We walked around and enjoyed the scenery for about an hour and when exiting the crowds were showing up.
The park is huge over 30 acres with multiple swimming spots. There is a spring fed man-made pool that you’ll first come across. This is a little on the small side but if it’s not busy then you’ll be fine.
The main natural swimming hole is located just below the pool. There are stairs which I highly recommend taking as there are a lot of slippery rocks around the area. The natural pool area is much larger than the first pool. There is a wonderful waterfall that is a beautiful change from other swimming holes around.
There is also a butterfly garden although I saw no butterflies it was still beautiful to walk through.

If you are in the Austin area and looking for a cool spot to go and relax this is for you. The admission price is $8 for everyone over 12. $5 for ages 4-11 and free for anyone under 4 years old. You can also camp overnight and we saw where some campsites are. They were away from the swimming hole a little bit and seems cleaned and well placed. There are also picnic tables and bbq grills open to use by anyone.

To see more about Krause Springs go to their website
Also, go check out my other social media pages to see more pictures and updates on what we are doing and where we are.

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