Opie’s BBQ

Summer is not only just for cooling off in the swimming holes. BBQ especially Texas BBQ is everywhere. My favorite meats are brisket and ribs. To end our trip to Spicewood Texas we decided to get something to eat. We saw Opie’s when our way into the small town and thought we would check it out. When you walk in you are greeted and order out of this huge pit full of all their meats. It was certainly amazing to see and I wanted to just dive right in.
We ordered the pork ribs and sausage. For sides we ordered peach cobbler, spicy corn, and coleslaw. They also have a small condiment bar to get unlimited onions, pickles, bread, and beans. Everything was amazing and the ribs literally just fell off the bone. The meat was so tender that teeth were not needed.
Smoking meats and having great BBQ is an art and one must have passion and patience for it. BBQ is plentiful around Austin and the outskirts. We have BBQ food trucks, restaurants that have been around for generations, and some places you can find random people set up in parking lots normally during sporting events and the weekend.
Opie’s has a huge menu of meats, sides, and desserts to satisfy everyone. They serve the typical meats like brisket and ribs additionally they have pork cops, pork lion, regular sausage, jalapeño sausage, chicken and turkey. Their sides include some amazing coleslaw, spicy corn and potato salad. I would’ve liked some mac n cheese but you can’t always win.
Now onto the most important part of the meal….. DESSERT!!!!! We went with the peach cobbler which was AMAZING!!!!. They also have apple and cherry cobbler and banana pudding. The cobbler crust was so flaky it was like heaven with every bite and brought back memories of my grandma’s cooking.

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