Grape Creek Winery

Back at it again with another winery. This time though, I actually found one with a tour. Grape Creek is one of the oldest vineyards in the area covering 100 acres with deliciousness. They have won numerous awards just in the last year including up against California wines. For those that do not know, and now I do know more after visiting. Texas has been making wine for hundreds of years and has become a huge destination for wineries. The staff at Grape Creek really make you feel at home and show that southern hospitality. When we entered the property there was a huge patio area for sitting and enjoying wine and food outside. They have plenty of parking both paved and gravel so no worries there. When we entered the main entrance we were greeted right away by the staff and inquired about the tour and tasting. The cost of the tour and tasting was $35 and if you just wanted a tasting it can be done for $18. On the tour you taste nine different wines. Three of them are straight from the barrel and the rest will be done in the tasting room.
On the tour you get a deep history of the company and how they operate. What I found interesting was they actually pick the grapes by hand which I personally would love to be involved with and see the process. The first area we went to was the “crushing pad.” This is where all the grapes went to be well crushed.
Then we went into where they ferment the grapes and learned their process and what it takes. The room was huge with multiple tanks and we actually saw people working so it didn’t look like a factory that was just for show.
Then onto the good stuff. The barrel room where we tasted wine from three different types of barrels. Who knew the barrel would make such a difference in the taste of the wine.
We then moved onto our final stop the tasting room. We were provided a pamphlet of the different wines in categories separating the sweets, reds, and other types. We were told to pick six of what we wanted to try. This was very different from my previous experiences. Other times we have a set list and that’s it. This way if you like sweet wines you could stay away from the dry. With every pour our guide gave a description of what you were having and his personal insight on the wine. The tasting room itself was beautiful with amazing views of the hill country.


They do have a wine club membership that you can join which I would’ve if I drank wine often enough. When you become a member and buy three bottles they actually give you a refund of $18 per person up to two refunds. We did purchase a bottle of 2016 Riesling which was amazing during the tasting.
You can purchase tickets for the tour on their website or just walk in unless it is a Saturday which I would highly encourage you to book in advance as the area gets crowded. They also have a restaurant on property Trattoria so you can eat right on site.
So if you are looking for a quick trip or something to do for a group outing away from the kids this is for you. Check out their website to see more and make any reservation you need.

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