Pros and Cons For Living in Austin

dac9ce_7ee987b5399c4d6da2cf6635e67e2c80~mv2I love to move around within state and out of state. I grew up in Florida, joined the military, and went to Louisiana, then moved to California, back to Florida and now in Texas. I feel there is just something really neat about moving around and experiencing something else. When I moved to Austin I did not even know it existed. The only city I knew in Texas was San Antonio and a few smaller cities on the Texas and Louisiana border. I moved to Texas to be closer to my sister who lived in Killeen Texas and I searched for hotel jobs in San Antonio. In between those two cities was Austin. I interviewed at two hotels and got job offers from both the next day.
The biggest reason for me writing this is I drove Uber full time for almost a year and now do it a few hours a week. I always got the questions revolving around living in Austin and how I like it and how the city is etc. So I figured I would go ahead and write out MY opinions on the city.
1) Music
Austin is called the music capital of the WORLD!! Most nights you can walk downtown and find a bar with a local band playing. There are large venues like the 360 Amphitheater which hosts famous artists and events. There are two large festivals that showcase music. South by South West (SXSW) happens in March for two weeks and has events with music, film, and so much more entertainment and technology. Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL) occurs in Oct for about two weeks.
2) Museums
I love museums but most cities are the same ol’ boring science museums and such. In Austin, there is the LBJ Presidential Library, Mexic-Arte Museum, French Legation Museum, Blanton Museum of Art and so much more. I love the LBJ Museum it took hours to go through and its also not a high cost to get in like some large museums.
3) Food
Austin is certainly a foodies paradise. There is every kind of cuisine in the area. We have a huge number of food trucks located all around the city. New trendy restaurants like an old mechanic building shop that still has the interior design in it turned into a restaurant and a lot of restaurants also have outdoor seating, games to play, and dog areas.
4) Weather
This is a pro and con. I will discuss pros first. For the majority of the time, it’s sun shining warm weather. With the weather being warm most of the year this makes getting out and doing outdoor activities more bearable. Our winters tend to be short and by noon the sun is shining and the weather is back to being warm.
1) Traffic
The traffic in Austin is HORRIBLE!! People are moving to Austin everyday crowding the streets. Austin is a huge tourist area making the streets crowded then combine that with the construction that takes so long to complete and you have traffic at all hours of the day and night. At night you have to be careful as they shut down exits for construction. Texas A&M ranked Austin the 10th worst traffic city. The Texas Department Of Texas named I-35 as having the worst traffic.
2) High Housing Costs
Rent is constantly going up unless you live outside of Austin in the smaller cities like Round Rock or Kyle but then you have to fight traffic getting to downtown if you work there. I lived in California for a little bit and prices are resembling California prices very closely. Prices in the last year rose almost 8% and its believed to rise almost 2% next year. The median housing cost is $400,000, the median rent is $1,700. From the houses I looked at last year it was a lot worse. I was shown houses over half a million dollars that wear run down but near downtown and because of that they had high prices attached.
3) Weather
Now the con of weather, it’s HOT!!! If you turn on your oven and stand in front of it that’s what the outside weather feels like. Your skin feels like its burning which can make doing anything during the day impossible. Even at night, the temperature is still in the high 80’s. Also, the weather is very bipolar. One moment it’ll be sun shining and the next it’s down pouring. When it rains here it’s always heavy rains that flood the streets. The good thing is most times the storms don’t last long.
4) Homeless Population
The homeless population is a huge epidemic here in Austin. They are everywhere and trashing the city streets. You also have to watch the streets because they will just walk into traffic with no regard to cars coming. You’ll find them panhandling at just about every red light and many restaurants. This makes for very uncomfortable times dining out and can even turn into them yelling at you so be careful. Austin has a homeless population of around 3,000 people. City officials say it’ll take around $30 million each year to cover services and expenses brought on by having such a population. It is estimated to also rise 5% in the next year.
5) Bad Drivers
In the three years I’ve lived in Austin I’ve been hit four times and none were my fault. Three of the four caused no damage. The drivers here do not seem to know what a blinker is, merge at the last minute, cut you off with no regard of who is around, and so many people text and drive causing them to swerve all over the road. At least once a day most likely more than once I have to beep my horn or slow down to avoid a car hitting me. Due to this, car insurance is very expensive. When I moved here my insurance went up over $100 per month.
Austin has its ups and downs just like every other city. The pros and cons I talked about may or may not be an issue or a reason to move to or away from Austin. These are just some of the things I have noticed living here. I am sure things will change and they seem to be moving in the right direction for Austin. There is SO much in Austin that a list of things to do or see and the pros and cons would be endless. This is a short and sweet list to give you an idea of the city.
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